Step 2


This course is a follow up on the step 1 course.The basic skills learnt in step 1 are just enough to get started as a preschool teacher. There is much to learn left.
In the ECEC advanced course step 2 teachers enrich their knowledge and understanding of the young child and learn more about the developmentally appropriate way to teach them.There is an emphasis on creating teaching material and methods for the day to day teaching situation in the preschool classroom: 

In the area of Thematic Approach and how to manage this in the class room, the trainees have to work out a theme by themselves.
Learning how to evaluate the preschool child’s development through continuous assessment is also part of the course.
After the course the teacher will be self sustainable to search, find or create things they need for their teaching even when faced with little resources.

Practical experience
8 days of practical assignments in a model school.

Nepali / English language

Qualification needed

Certification of ECEC (an attendance of 90% is required for this)

Nrs.22000 (Inclusive of 13% VAT)

Target group
Persons who have finished the full Step 1 ECEC course

160 hours (Total)during 1 month (day course 9 am -3.30 pm) 5 days a week ,during 8 weeks in the morning (6.30 – 8.30 am) 5 days a week, 

during 8 weeks in the evening (4.00 – 6.00 pm) 5 days a week