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Aug 18, 2023

Vacancy Open for Principal and Grade Teachers in New Dream World Academy, Imadol, Lalitpur.

Interested candidates can send CV through email at:[email protected] before 15th of ...

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Nov 29, 2022

1 Year course 2022/23 - Science and Inquiry-based curriculum class

"Science at its best is an open-minded method of inquiry, not a belief system." - Rupert SheldrakeIn...

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Nov 15, 2022

Experiential Learning in Level 1

"Learning is not doing; it is reflecting on doing" - Henry Mintzberg The cycle of experiential le...

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Nov 5, 2022

Registration Closing Soon - 5th Annual ICDP Network Meeting 2022

The registration will be closed on Monday, November 7, 2022, at 12pm (noon)No Door Registration!!!- ...

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Sep 9, 2022

5th Annual ICDP Network Meeting 2022

Seats are filling up fast! Register Soon!Limited seats are available now!!!- Event for Certified ICD...

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Sep 11, 2022

पाँचौ वार्षिक आइसीडीपी संजाल बैठक २०७९

सिमित सिट बाँकी।।।- प्रमाणित आइसीडीपी सहजकर्ताहरुका लागि कार्यक्रम -पाँचौ वार्षिक आइसीडीपी संजाल बैठ...

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Jun 20, 2022

Pre-primary Level 3 & 4 training in Khotang

"I have been teaching for many years. I only knew traditional way of teaching, resulting in low emot...

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Mar 4, 2022

Virtual Pre-primary Level 1 Training

"The training was very fruitful, especially this virtual training has been effective for participant...

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Mar 4, 2022

Tripartite agreement signed by ECEC

A tripartite agreement was signed between Mahalakshmi Municipality, Early Childhood Education Center...

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Mar 4, 2022

Leadership Training in Belbari

"The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone...

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