ICDP caregiver course

The caregivers course is the heart of the ICDP programme.

There will be 8 weekly / 2 hours meetings with parents/caregivers using the ICDP principles.

Each week, the facilitators sensitize the caregivers step by step to interact with their children in a positive way.

Like building a house from strong foundation through different dialogues to the roof top with good interacting.

There will be minimum 12 to 20 caregivers in a group.

Each week there is an assignment: the caregivers has to apply the principles learned with their own children / other children.

At the next meeting the caregiver shares his or her experience in the relation with their child.

The caregivers who has completed the 8 weekly meetings can received international ICDP caregivers’ certificate.


ICDP caregivers meeting can be conducted only by certified ICDP facilitators in pairs