Curriculum development course


Many school leaders struggle with curriculum writing.In this course the participant is guided along in writing the curriculum for his/her own school.Starting from a meta level:
What is your schools mission/vision/values?
What is your philosophy on teaching and learning of young children? 

Describing areas of development, motivation the integrated way of teaching young children, working out a theme and describing the learning environment and methodology/evaluation system used,It’s all part of the programme.

Practical experience
In the classroom practicing on writing the different parts of the curriculum in general is taking place. The real work has to be done as homework: writing the parts for the school the participant is working for.There is a lot of writing work between the sessions.

Nrs.20,000/- (Inclusive of 13% VAT) The fee includes a file, handouts and other resource material like Early Childhood goals/developmentally continuum, minimum standards of ECD, plus the opportunity to make use of the ECEC library.

Qualification needed / Subjects taught
The participant needs to have a basic understanding of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (child friendly, play way method of learning/teaching approach) in preschool.

Certification ECEC (an attendance of 90% is required)

English language

Target group
School leaders, principal and coordinators of preschools

10 lessons over a period of 3 months
Every week on Friday afternoon 4:00 – 6:00 PM

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