18 Mar

Pre-primary and primary teacher training in Belbari

Belbari municipality initiated for the model school project to bring change in present education system. As a pilot project seven government schools and two private schools had shown initiation partnership with municipality. As a process of the school change program the training has begun and first phase training has been successfully conducted with the partnership with municipality.

Total 58 pre and primary teachers have completed the introductory course and it will be continued.
We would like to thank respected mayor Mr. Gyanendra Subedi and education officer Mr.Bhupendra Koirala for entrusting us for model school program. And we also would like to thank all the school principals and school management committee as well as Belbari Municipality for the partnership and co- operation. And especial thanks to Laxmi MV for providing us venue and supporting us to run training smoothly.

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