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To train teachers and caregivers to create developmentally appropriate, child-friendly learning environments that stimulate the integrated development of young children.

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Early Childhood
Education Centre

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ECEC believes that every child is unique and needs a loving, stimulating environment in which to develop.

In Child Psychology the early Childhood Years are called ‘Formative years. We believe that in this is the time the foundation is laid for the child’s life values, habits (discipline), thinking patterns (Logic, reasoning, memory), and attitudes, social -mental - and emotional skills. We therefore need to create such learning and developing environment for the preschool students that they can develop these skills at their best.

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Early Childhood Development

Professional Teacher Training for Early Childhood Development and Education


International Course

International Academic Course Experience in Nepali Context


Preparing Confident Teachers

Preparing Confident and Empathetic Pre-school Teachers


20+ Years of Experience

Glorious 20+ years of Experience in Teacher Training