Orientation to Volunteers


There are many organisations that invite enthusiastic teachers to help improve the teaching in Nepali schools. This is an excellent idea. ECEC is not an agency for volunteers.
However, we are willing to support volunteers who come via other agencies, because the education system in Nepal is very different from the systems in more developed countries.
Many volunteers go to the school with the idea of bringing some positive change.

Here are a few reactions of people who contacted ECEC after they had worked in their assigned schools:

  • “The way in which they lecture is way above the heads of the children, but I do not know how to help the teachers.”
  • “I came to change things for the better, but the teachers say that they don’t have time for play and games because the children have to pass their exams. How do you deal with that?”
  • “I see so many things that could be changed. The teachers have hardly any relationship with the children. How can I help them and the children to become closer so that school is more fun?”

Therefore, ECEC has developed a special program:

ECEC Orientation Programme for Volunteers in (Pre)School in Nepal.

If you have a desire to help a school in Nepal it is advisable to have some orientation first.
ECEC’s orientation programme offers you an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the current situation in the (pre)schools of Nepal and provides insight into how to empower teachers.

The programme has the following steps:

  1. Initially you visit the school which you are assigned to by your organisation for 1 – 2 weeks.
  2. After that you attend ECEC’s 5 days basic training in Early Childhood Teaching.
    (also suitable for lower section of primary schools) with the following objectives:By observing the participants, you will gain an understanding of the baseline level of an average (pre) school teacher in Nepal.By observing how ECEC trains the teachers and how the Nepali teachers respond to it, you will acquire ideas for your future work in the school which you are assigned to.You will also get a chance to visit another school during that week of training.
  3. Finally, you will have a consultation session with one of ECEC’s experts in Early Childhood Teaching to help you in the specific situation at your school. (2 x one hour)
This package cost only US$ 80.
It is worth the investment because it will certainly help you in your orientation and will make your contribution to the local school in Nepal more beneficial.

Don’t hesitate. Contact us at: headoffice@ecec.org.np

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