Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the difference between Play way Method of teaching and Montessori Education?

Montessori education

Maria Montessori was a child psychologist who lived and worked in Europe during the last century.

She developed her theories while working with mentally disabled children.
She travel through many countries promoting her way of educating children.

Her philosophy and methods are now been used throughout the world, not just for preschools, but up till class 10.

Montessori education has very distinct characteristics, like mixed age groupings, lots of free play in which the children can chose what to do, using the specially designed teaching aids, the so-called Montessori lab.

The teacher in a Montessori school does not really teach; she observes and makes sure that the child gets the right material at hand to explore.

Nepal has many preschools that have Montessori in their name.

However many of those schools are not really authentic Montessori schools.


ECEC’s play way method of teaching

Maria Montessori is just one of many psychologists who have developed theories about how to teach young children.

Although Maria Montessori’s philosophy has lots of good points, the theory is limited.

In ECEC’s courses we take the best from different child psychologists and educators.

Besides this ECEC’s trainings are very much contextualized to Nepal: after 10 years of experience in teacher training ECEC knows what works in Nepal and what does not.

The Montessori equipment, which is compulsory for authentic Montessori education is just too expensive for most Nepali schools.

ECEC believes such expensive material is not necessary to teach the children.

Locally available material, even material made from material available in nature, can be as effective as teaching aids in preschool.

The most important things is to know how and why to use certain material.

And that is part of the training at ECEC.

2. What is the difference between a parent seminar and a parent course?

A parent seminar is most of the time part of a consultation package and will be organized by a school, to educate the parents of the children in their school.

This is needed because quite often the parents start complaining when a school starts using the play way method of teaching.
They want the visible result that traditional teaching gives: home work and children reciting a,b,c.

In a parent seminar (which lasts about 2 hours) the objective is to explain to the parents why the school uses the Play Way method of teaching.

Basic concepts of Child Development are introduced to explain what children like and how children learn.

To make it very clear, the parent get the opportunity to play with table games.

By doing so, they experience themselves that learning is taking place when playing.

Parents want the best for their children and in the parent seminar they hear that learning through play is the best way for children to learn.

A parent course goes much deeper.

The parent course is for parents that want to understand the development of their child in depth.

They want to be involved in stimulating the overall development of their child and so they are interested to learn how that can be done.

Lessons are spread over 3 days and include subjects as:

  • Child Development
  • Basic needs of children
  • How do children learn?
  • The importance of play
  • Different table games.
  • story telling
  • Health and Hygiene
  • How to build self confidence
  • Discipline


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