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Closing Workshop ICDP Facilitator Training!

ICDP Training of Facilitator 3rd workshop completed with a huge success. The group of Facilitators conducted 8 weeks of Parents and Caregivers’ workshop in different places. After completing their workshop they shared their experience, challenges, achievements in 3rd facilitator’s workshop. They [...]

Early Childhood Development Workshop with government

ECEC’s Founding Director Reiny de Wit has been involved in a 2 day seminar about revising the government of Nepals ECD curriculum and material. The  workshop was about the national curriculum for Pre-school in Nepal and brainstorm about the future of Nursery schools in Nepal. [Show [...]
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Lesson plan with specific objectives..

“I have been involving myself in teaching since  few years and also had the idea of making lesson plan. But after taking lesson plan session during this course, I realized that I was not much specific with the objectives and activities. I only focused cognitive development of the children.  Now I [...]
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