IT in Preschool

In many countries computers for preschool children is common property, but in Nepal this is (still) not the case. Teachers cannot image what you mean by using computers in preschool: ‘will you be teaching them to use Word to write??’ because that is what happens in the computer lessons in primary [...]

Parental Education – Godavari, Dhangadhi

ECEC went to Dhangadhi for monitoring parents’ education training . During the programme one of the participants, Laxmi said that the training has really changed her attitude which have even been noticed the people in the area. She has developed so much confidence that she can talk to people and [...]

Basic Level Training in Ramechhap

It is the first time we conducted our training in Ramechhap district. The teaching method is traditional in Karkaladevi Boarding School. They wanted to learn playway method after the training and apply it in their school. The teachers are so enthusiastic to learn this method. We are happy to see [...]
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