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Shadow play is one of the most interesting techniques of story telling.Students in 1 Year Course have gone through the shadow play class and they did their practicals in their class and school. During the time of shadow play 1 Year students got chance to know each other very well, they all had a very good time to be friends..

Everybody enjoyed this session and learnt new technique of story telling by using paper and stick puppets, their own shadow. This is a very useful and helpful idea to encourage your children at school because they love to listen stories with visual activities. This kind of technique can help your children to develop holistically and it adds interest to their learning desire.

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A very warm welcome to our new students of 1 Year Course 2017- 2018 Batch. We are glad to see their enthusiasm and vision  to bring changes in education of Nepal. All together 68 students have enrolled till date and still some of are on their way. Principal, Coordinators, Class teachers, Parents  and even students from different colleges have join the course. They are so much eager  to upgrade their knowledge, skill and attitude through this course. We hope that they will reach their goal one day. Good Luck!!!

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Before coming here I did not have any teaching experience but now I am very much confident to teach

children with playway method. I could learn a lot here and I really enjoyed the training. I will try to implement

whatever I have learnt.

Ms. Anita Thapa

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Another batch of graduates of the ECEC 1 year course, which means another group of well equipped and confident people available in the field.

Ready to be advocates and implementer of developmentally appropriate practice for children in the important formative years of their lives.

One whole year of following  classes at ECEC  and  going to the practical schools to practice and implement what was learned in the class.
Most of the graduates did this alongside their  job as teacher or even principal of a school. Which meant hard work, often till late at night.

But they persevered and succeeded. Congratulations!



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Teaching and learning sounds of English alphabet is very much important in preschool education.

Multi-sensory approach is one of the best way to teach the sounds. Introducing sounds through six letters SATIPN in the beginning, sound blending, segmenting, CVC were the main content of the workshop. Participants got new experience of teaching sounds using multi-sensory approach. They got the idea of different interesting games, songs, group activities. Everyone is excited to go back and share whatever they have learnt during phonics workshop.

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