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Primary refresher training at Tandrang, Gorkha

“This training has taught me more than I expected for. I learnt a lot from this training. It is very much important to understand the children’s interest to make our teaching more effective. Being a teacher we must try to create an open and fun filled environment in the class that helps a student [...]
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Primary Phase -3 training in Boach, Dolakha

“After the training, I am very much clear about how to make teaching learning fun in primary class. It seemed impossible before the training but now I am confident and convinced that songs, stories and P.E can be done in Primary level too. I regret that I was playing with the life of children. [...]
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Step 1 First phase training in Pokhara

” Step 1 training has changed my attitudes towards the children. Nowadays when students do some mistakes or mischievous rather than giving punishment I counsel them in right way which really works.  I am trying to understand the baseline situation of my students and teach according to that and it [...]
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Jolly Phonics Pilot project in Nepal

Mrs. Andrea Coates, a professional trainer from Jolly Learning UK came to provide Jolly Phonics training to  few teachers of private and government schools in Kathmandu. The training was for three days and at the end of the training Mrs. Andrea provided some Jolly Phonics materials to all the [...]

Meeting with Mrs.Nicolette Armstrong,president of ICDP International.

We at ECEC are excited to host Mrs. Nicolette Armstrong, one of the founders and current president of ICDP International. Proud to be able to present her with a set of the Nepali ICDP material. [Show slideshow] [...]
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