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Children learn through play

” Level 1 training has taught me the idea of dealing with children in a correct way. I learned to use Muppet and Puppet for story telling. I never thought of teaching students through games, story and different activities but after having classes at ECEC, I found it so much interesting and [...]
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Leadership Management Course 1

“Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires Confidence”  Bernard Montgomery, British Field Marshall WWII Leaders from different school and organisation have  completed 3 days Leadership course 1. many enthusiastic and young [...]
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Consultation school’s workshop

Sudesha High School and Genuine Secondary Schools are our  consultation schools practicing especially on ‘Theme’. Teachers from both schools came together at the same time for the workshop. The objective of this workshop was giving them idea to make their teaching learning more effective and as [...]
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“I liked the idea of introducing new topic to the children in the class” Rachhya Lama

” I am glad that I could gain a lot of techniques from this training. I liked the idea of introducing new topic to the children in the class with some games or activities that helps children to grab the concept very easily. Thematic approach is also very interesting. Using small and simple thing as [...]
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Closing Workshop ICDP Facilitator Training!

ICDP Training of Facilitator 3rd workshop completed with a huge success. The group of Facilitators conducted 8 weeks of Parents and Caregivers’ workshop in different places. After completing their workshop they shared their experience, challenges, achievements in 3rd facilitator’s workshop. They [...]
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