Early Childhood Education conference 5-6 November 2016.


 ECEC organised an international level conference for the first time in its history. It was a huge success where international and national keynote speakers presented their views on the importance of early childhood education.

More than 600 people present enjoyed themselves while learning many new things, getting inspired and making new friends. It turned out to be a huge success beyond the general expectation.

There were 56 different workshops held side by side to the conference on different topics. Some of them were presented by the specialists from abroad and others by Nepalese experts.

ECEC organised the conference with other partner organisations, they were Himal Partner (Norway), ECETA, Educational Horizons Nepal, N-PABSON, RatoBangala, SetoGurans, NLA University College, Kathmandu Post (media partner) and NEPA-SA(sound partner).