Confident Builder

Though I’m not a teacher now, the course in ECEC has built confident in me to become a good teacher for pre- school in future. I’ve learnt how to react and handle the children in the best way. I am looking forward to take further training in ECEC. – Ms. Reshma Thapa,

ICDP Trainers and Facilitators Graduation

ICDP Trainers and Facilitators Graduation Program was organized to congratulate all the graduates (14 ICDP trainers and 86 ICDP facilitators) of Nepal. The Graduation Program was very unique and interesting. All the graduates experienced improvement in their understanding of children after attending ICDP training. ICDP aims to increase the psycho-social well-being of children in Nepal through improved parent –child communication.

Training For Challenging Profession

Step 1 full course has brought changes in my concept for teaching children. I felt that teaching profession is very challenging profession as we are teaching children of foundation years. I am very thankful to ECEC to train me to face challenges through this course. – Amrita Chaudhary 

1 Year Students Visit To British School

1 year students of ECEC of 2017, Chabahil visited British School. They were excited and they enjoyed their visit very much.

Flash back of my childhood.

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