1 Year Students Visit To British School

1 year students of ECEC of 2017, Chabahil visited British School. They were excited and they enjoyed their visit very much.

Flash back of my childhood.

Shadow Play 2017

Shadow play is one of the interesting skills of telling story to kids. 1 year students of ECEC Chabahil were divided into five groups and they performed shadow play at three different schools.Children were very excited and extremely enjoyed the shadow play.

Jolly Phonics Conference 2017

Jolly Phonic Conference was conducted on 7th April 2017 at ECEC, Chabahil by Andrea Coates (Jolly Phonics professional trainer from Jolly Learning UK). There were 24 participants from different schools and organization. They learned 42 letter sounds with actions, letter formation, blending, identifying sounds in words, spelling tricky words and many more. Participants were amazed on learning so many things in the conference and were determined to teach students in effective way with correct pronunciation.

Useful for parents

Step 1 course started on 6th March 2017 was enjoyed by all the participants.They found change in their perspective towards children after completing this course. One of the participants told that Step 1 course is not only for teachers but it is useful for parents as well to understand their children better.

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