Stories and Many More

I am so glad that i got the opportunity to take Step-1 at ECEC. I enjoyed all the classes over there, and specially the techniques of story telling. All the children love stories and I always used to struggle while presenting it, but now i know how to make it interesting and lively. I also learn about lesson planning and evaluation by continuous assessment system (CAS). Classroom management was also another important things which I learn during training. lastly, I learned how to teach in play-way-method in corporating with child psychology. So, this training is very fruitful and effective for me.  (Step-1 trainee in Chabahil)

ICDP at Kathmandu

International Children Development Programme (ICDP) facilitator level training  was success completed in ECEC, chabahil, Kathmandu by Josien Los and Meena karki Subba. The program was conducted from 19-21 Dec, 2016.

Parent Seminar at Pennwood

Informing about the Play-way-method, to the parents of Pennwood school, Maharajgunj. Various quires from the Parents about their child development were addressed at the seminar.

School’s Seminar

Principal Seminar with Model and Practical school of ECEC, kathmandu office, where 20 representative from 14 school were present.


way wall painting

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