Teacher Training

Enjoyable Training

We all enjoyed alot during training of Step-1 at ECEC, Chabahil. We never realized that learning could be this fun. Never going to forget this time at ECEC.

level-1 Graduation

The last Step 1 Level 1 Graduation of the year 2016 was of great success. It held on 23rd December 2016. The trainers and trainees shared their happiness during graduation time.

Under Estimated the ECD Teachers

I am doing my 2nd year of graduation program. And I used to think that teaching the kids are just a time pass and easy thing to do. The people who don’t have any thing to do, they join that job. I was never serious about kids and the teaching methodology for them. But after I completed the Level-1 training in ECEC, My paradigm shifted towards ECD teachers. Now I feel like, I was totally wrong, I just under estimated the ECD teachers. And another change is I really wanted to be a teacher, ECD teacher. I am so much motivated by the classes that I am eager to pour my knowledge in the field. Thank you ECEC and all the Teachers Trainers. Sushila Dhungel.

favorable environment

This whole course was very fruitful and draw the attention towards the minor yet important issues of children. It has opened my mind and hoping to apply the teachings and practices in my personnel life which will definitely help my family to give favorable environment to our growing child. Rumila Dongol

learn phonic

I thank all ECEC team for giving us the oppurtunity to learn phonic which was very fruitful. All the techniques and material we made in workshop was excellent, it is very helpful for handling the classes using play-way method. Anupama Chhetri Khadka.

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