1 Year Course

1 Year Students Visit To British School

1 year students of ECEC of 2017, Chabahil visited British School. They were excited and they enjoyed their visit very much.

Shadow Play 2017

Shadow play is one of the interesting skills of telling story to kids. 1 year students of ECEC Chabahil were divided into five groups and they performed shadow play at three different schools.Children were very excited and extremely enjoyed the shadow play.

Puppetry in 1 yr Course

knitting and weaving our own Puppets. Look at this its nearly done. Very effective teaching material for kids, can be used in story telling, which will add the soul to the story.

Jolly Phonic

Learning a Phonic is fun. one year course student were learning and celebrating the last class of Phonic with gratitude towards their teacher; Andrea from UK.

Glimpse of 1 yr course

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