Art & craft work with recycled & natural materials

1 year students learn how to use waste and recycled materials effectively. It helps them to be creative & relate art & craft work in their surroundings. [...]

42 Students

Every corner at ECEC was used for teaching. Step 1 with micro teaching, Step 2 with window painting and a workshop with teachers from different schools. Lots of laughter, music, songs and stories were heard at ECEC. Enjoy it with us when you look at the photo’s.   [...]

Christmas Workshop

Every Friday afternoon there is a workshop for teachers at ECEC. Every month there is a series of 4 workshops on a certain topic. This month the theme was: Christmas! All kinds of ideas for Art & craft, songs and stories that can be used around Christmas in a (pre)school class or …at home with the [...]

Workshop on Child Development

Of course ECEC is not the only organization that is working towards improving the quality of education in Nepal. Recently there has been a conference organized by the Department of Education of the government of Nepal in cooperation with Rato Bangala (a well known school) on “quality in the [...]

Dhankuta Training in different phases

The captions in the pictures speak for trainings which were organised in different phases in Dhankuta district. [...]
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