Story telling

Story telling is one of the most interesting classes loved by all children at school. There are different techniques & ideas which can make a story more interesting and fruitful. Participants learned stories telling in fun way, creating stories and preparing materials by themselves. [...]

Waste Materials

Art and Craft is the most important activities that must be in school. Children love doing different task related to art and craft. Teachers are learning to make basket using newspaper in Friday workshop…It can be practiced in school with children which especially helps to develop their fine motor [...]

Art & craft work with recycled & natural materials

1 year students learn how to use waste and recycled materials effectively. It helps them to be creative & relate art & craft work in their surroundings. [...]

42 Students

Every corner at ECEC was used for teaching. Step 1 with micro teaching, Step 2 with window painting and a workshop with teachers from different schools. Lots of laughter, music, songs and stories were heard at ECEC. Enjoy it with us when you look at the photo’s.   [...]

Christmas Workshop

Every Friday afternoon there is a workshop for teachers at ECEC. Every month there is a series of 4 workshops on a certain topic. This month the theme was: Christmas! All kinds of ideas for Art & craft, songs and stories that can be used around Christmas in a (pre)school class or …at home with the [...]
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