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ICDP Caregivers Graduation !

“I am Shazia Senol, mother of two daughters. Before taking ICDP caregiver workshop, I had a mind of negativity regarding the behavior of my children but, now my perspective has totally changed into positivity. When we plant a sapling, its growth depends on the gardener care h How he/she nurtures it [...]
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Consultation school’s workshop

Sudesha High School and Genuine Secondary Schools are our  consultation schools practicing especially on ‘Theme’. Teachers from both schools came together at the same time for the workshop. The objective of this workshop was giving them idea to make their teaching learning more effective and as [...]
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Closing Workshop ICDP Facilitator Training!

ICDP Training of Facilitator 3rd workshop completed with a huge success. The group of Facilitators conducted 8 weeks of Parents and Caregivers’ workshop in different places. After completing their workshop they shared their experience, challenges, achievements in 3rd facilitator’s workshop. They [...]
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