Parent Seminar at First Step Preschool, Tyanglaphant

Parents Seminar has been conducted by Ms. Sharona Thapa Gurung and Ms. Sabita Thapa  at First Step Preschool at Tyanglaphant, Kirtipur. Parents got idea of learning through play in small groups by playing games. They shared their problems that they have been facing with their children everyday. [...]

Leadership in uncertain times…

A group of Singaporean friends had come to Nepal for the ECEC Early Childhood Education conference. Among them were 2 persons: Dr.Low Guat Tin and Mrs, Khoo Seok Lin, who are very experienced in leadership trainings. To make the most of their presence in Nepal ECEC organized a two day leadership [...]
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“Early intervention in children with special needs”

ECEC feel privileged to have Mrs. Berit Groven conduct a workshop on the ECE conference on both the 5th and the 6th of November on: “Early intervention in children with special needs” Berit Groven is a Professor in Special Education at Queen Mauds University College in Trondheim, Norway. She has a [...]
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“Model early learning classroom”

In early childhood education the learning environment is of the utmost importance to stimulate learning. On the ECE conference on November the 5th and 6th Mr. Nanda Khapnagi and Ms.Geeta Kapali will demonstrate a model early learning classroom, which is full of creative ideas that will enable [...]
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“Effective Parenting Education for Quality Education”

“Effective Parenting Education for Quality Education” is the title of the workshop that ECEC’s Mr.Uttam Dahal and Mr. Singi Lhomi will be conducting at the ECE conference. Both Singi and Uttam have a Master in Education and years of experience as teachers. They have worked as a teacher trainer at [...]
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