Samrakshika The Excelsior

I am happy

“I have already done other trainings in ECEC before and I am happy that I could take this Primary Training also where I learned more in detail in using different kinds of methods to teach students in Primary level. I got ideas for new games, rhymes & songs and different activities that will help [...]

Clear idea of playway method

“My son studies in Genuine School where teacher teaches with playway method. I was not satisfied of that kind of teaching method because I found my son quite slow in learning..but now after taking this training I have got a clear idea of playway method which always focuses on holistic development [...]

Their Level

“1 year course has given me a great confidence to teach young children and understand them from their level”. Manbahadur Rai Student, 1 Year Course 2015 Batch [...]

Caterpillar into Butterfly

“1 year course brought a drastic change in my concept towards teaching. It gave me new ideas and techniques to teach students in more effective and advanced ways. It doesn’t only help in teaching but it gives us confident to train or facilitate others too. After taking this course, I compared [...]

ICDP Graduation Moments

An ICDP trained caregiver gives her testimony about how her broken-relationship is being restored with her son. She shares her story on the Graduation Day of ICDP facilitators on 12th February 2016, in Kathmandu Nepal.
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