Suraksha Shrestha

Valuable ideas

“I am very much thankful to ECEC and all the trainers for teaching us such valuable ideas to upgrade teaching and learning skills. I have already taken step 1 and phonics training which helped me to be confident in classroom teaching activities but after taking Step 2 full course I am confident to [...]


In village we do not get sufficient teaching materials. I really liked and loved the ideas of creating and making teaching materials by own. Now I can use low & no cost things to prepare teaching materials. I also have taken the Montessori training, the training is good in itself but we can’t get [...]

Montessori trainer

I came from Surkhet to take this training. I was planning to come for training since 2 years but this year I got chance and I am very much happy to be here. I am a Montessori trainer. Many teachers come to me to take training but Level 1 training made me feel that still I have many things to learn [...]

Definitely introduce ECEC training

“I work among children in government sector where we have taken many trainings but I found this training totally different than other trainings. This training is more focused on holistic development of a child which I found very important. Now we are very much concerned to recommend ECD trainings [...]

I feel pity

“When I came for the training I had a boastful mind & heart of having 5/6 years of experience in teaching but at the end of the class on the first day I realized that my experience is just an experience of teaching only not an effective kind of teaching which should develop a child holistically. [...]
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