Positive response

“After I conducted parent’s seminar in my ECD centre, the parents showed a very positive response and came forward to help my ECD centre providing with carpet and cushions for the children. Now I am happy with the new classroom set up. I can let the children play comfortably on the floor and they [...]

Now I can make games myself

“I received some nice games during one of the trainings earlier but I had no idea about the names of the game, rules to play and how to make games myself. During this training from ECEC I came to know that the game is called domino and I learned how to play and teach children, use of the game. Now [...]

There is no other place like ECEC

“I want to work with children and I know you need a training to be able to do that in a professional way. What I heard from ECEC was very good; I looked around, but there is no other place like ECEC “. Benu Magar (ECEC 1 year couse student)

ECEC trainings change lives

‘”I feel that I did not understand children fully before this training. It has provided a lot of knowledge about understanding children. I should have got this training many years before so that I could apply it with my own children and the children in the schools. This training is life changing [...]

Changed my mindset

“I have worked as school headmaster for many years, but I didn’t have any idea about ECD before the training from ECEC. The training has completely changed my mind set. I am challenged and determined to bring change in the ECD centres in my area. I have already asked all the facilitators to make a [...]
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