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“First of all I would like to thank ECEC. I have taken many trainings but I got different experience from this training. I used to feel that it was a difficult and boring task to take care of small children but now I have realized that it is possible with the methods and techniques learnt from here. Best thing I like about the training is the practical implementation of what we have learnt. I have gained confidence that I can teach and work with children.”

Pasang Norbu Lama

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“Regarding Early childhood Development,we had a very little knowledge. But now we have moved far away from the edge! With knowledge of four areas of child’s development. All the trainers taught us everything useful.Interesting songs, practical classes, interaction with teachers of school.micro teaching,lesson planning,observation, web chart, circle time corner play are the main tools for us to improve our classroom teaching learning activities.

We would be more than happy if this knowledge can be lent from a session on history to modern age.”

Anupama Mukhiya

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I have five years teaching experiences as a lower secondary English teacher but I did not have any experiences of teaching in Pre-primary level and with the young children before I joined ECEC training. But once my husband shared me about the ECEC training as he involved as training of trainers in his working field, then I get to know about the training. Then the interest arouse on me to join ECEC. I had many hesitations and was not confident enough about child friendly education and I was in dilemma. But after ECEC training I gained confident and feel happy that I joined training because it equipped me in different aspects. I finally want to thank ECEC staff for their cooperation and their valuable time and support.

Ms.Prativa Mishra

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Teachers from Genuine Secondary School have completed Step 1 course. They performed very well in all the activities and in the practical classes also. Everyone is excited to share their new ideas and methods in their classroom teaching.


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Step 1 Level 2-4

Level 2-4 course went very well.Total ten participants were there.Everybody was very much enthusiastic in learning and doing assignments .Practical classes helped many participants to be more confident.They all are eager to share their ideas and experiences at their school among children.

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