Step 1 Level 1


I feel pity

“When I came for the training I had a boastful mind & heart of having 5/6 years of experience in teaching but at the end of the class on the first day I realized that my experience is just an experience of teaching only not an effective kind of teaching which should develop a child holistically. [...]

New ways

Parents, college students & teachers took part in this level 1 training. Some of them were from out of Kathmandu valley, Jhapa (Eastern part of Nepal). After taking this course they all are encouraged to change teaching methods in their classrooms. They will encourage others to take training in [...]

Skill Nepal participants

Participants from Skill Nepal finished their first level of the Step 1 Course. [...]

My Expectations

“Step 1 training helped me to learn more than my expectations. I got new ideas and methods to handle and teach children at school. In this training we learnt many extra activities like related to play. Extra activities can always help children to explore them. Now I know to help my children to [...]

Ready to move

Trainees seem very happy to get & show their certificate when they completed level 1 training. They shared that they had learned new methods to develop the children holistically. So they are now ready to move for further training as well. [...]
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