Step 1 Level 1

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Hands on experience

“Before coming here I did not have any teaching experience but now I am very much confident to teach children with playway method. I could learn a lot here and I really enjoyed the training. I will try to implement whatever I have learnt”. Ms. Anita Thapa [Show [...]
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Proper guildlines for a teacher

“I came to know about ECEC and its trainings from one of my friend. She recommended me to take training from ECEC. I am here because I wanted to know about the trainings. These five days were very fruitful for me because I was taught and guided properly by all the trainers and the methods are also [...]
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Helpful method

“I have been teaching in a preschool since six months. It was difficult to teach in remote villages because children are bit restless. We are already applying playway method in our school as we have been assisted by the foreign expert. I was quite innocent about the playway method so I came here to [...]
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Teachers from Bageshwori School, Bhaktapur9

“During Level 1 training I experienced myself as a potential teacher. I got to know about my own strengths and weakness that I really did not know before. Nothing is impossible if we have passion towards our work. Now I can evaluate myself whether I am doing right or wrong. No matter what the [...]
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Level 1 Group 2

Another new enthusiastic teachers from different preschools went through the five days of Level 1 training. They all were eager to learn new everyday. All the teachers are encouraged to teach, guide and help their students more than they used to do before. It was a nice team of 18 teachers. Wish [...]
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