Step 1 Level 1

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Children learn through play

” Level 1 training has taught me the idea of dealing with children in a correct way. I learned to use Muppet and Puppet for story telling. I never thought of teaching students through games, story and different activities but after having classes at ECEC, I found it so much interesting and [...]
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“I liked the idea of introducing new topic to the children in the class” Rachhya Lama

” I am glad that I could gain a lot of techniques from this training. I liked the idea of introducing new topic to the children in the class with some games or activities that helps children to grab the concept very easily. Thematic approach is also very interesting. Using small and simple thing as [...]
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Step 1 Level 1 in Bishwo Adarsha School, Itahari

“Though I am a teacher of Pre-primary level I had very less idea of dealing with young children. These five days training has given me new knowledge and  ideas to run the class in a very interesting and easy way. I found ‘Circle Time’ is very much important for the students that helps each and [...]
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Step 1 First phase training in Pokhara

” Step 1 training has changed my attitudes towards the children. Nowadays when students do some mistakes or mischievous rather than giving punishment I counsel them in right way which really works.  I am trying to understand the baseline situation of my students and teach according to that and it [...]
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Fun days at ECEC

“I am very much thankful to my principal who showed me the way to ECEC. Even though I was little familiar about the playway method of teaching, I got extra knowledge and ideas to make my teaching more effective. We can use same idea in  different techniques and ways to bring changes in our teaching [...]
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