Step 1 Full

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Step 1

Step 1 Level 2-4 Level 2-4 course went very well.Total ten participants were there.Everybody was very much enthusiastic in learning and doing assignments .Practical classes helped many participants to be more confident.They all are eager to share their ideas and experiences at their school among [...]
Sharada Baral Regmi

New ideas and ways to improve my skills

Even though I have had much experience managing and teaching in a Kindergarten, I am always looking for new ideas and ways to improve my skills. I became aware that ECEC is renowned Nepal and the best institute for learning about early childhood education. I found the ECEC courses to be the best [...]
Dhana Kumari Thapa Magar

First participants from our district

Practical classes were so much helpful for me. We hardly get such opportunities to go for practical classes. Practical classes helped us to interact with children inside the classroom which gave me full confident to teach in the class. The most important is our trainers’ feedback during practicals. [...]

Changes in my confidence

When I visited ECEC for the first time I had many questions in my mind about the training because I didn’t have any experience about classroom teaching. I wasn’t confident of speaking in English so I was wondering whether I could adjust with everybody or not during training periods. But after [...]

Training in Pokhara

Step 1 training in Pokhara. The training took place in Srijana Higher Secondary School, Pokhara. All together 21 participants took part in the training. Participants were from Daimond Secondary School, Bhaskar Memorial School, Manakamana Secondary School, Tara Kunj Secondary School and Bal Prabhat [...]
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