Step 1 Full

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Congratulations to the teachers from Pokhara!

Congratulations to the teachers from Pokhara! 22 participants completed Step 1 course in Pokhara. 3 from Morning Star School 4 from Srijana Higher Secondary School 2 from Bhaskar School 13 from Tarakunj School  [Show slideshow] [...]
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Step 1 First phase training in Pokhara

” Step 1 training has changed my attitudes towards the children. Nowadays when students do some mistakes or mischievous rather than giving punishment I counsel them in right way which really works.  I am trying to understand the baseline situation of my students and teach according to that and it [...]
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We are the change makers

“First of all I would like to thank ECEC. I have taken many trainings but I got different experience from this training. I used to feel that it was a difficult and boring task to take care of small children but now I have realized that it is possible with the methods and techniques learnt from [...]
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