Principal Seminar

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Quality Education in Preschools

Again, ECEC organised a principal seminar on 4th August. Around 30 principals from different schools attended the seminar. The seminar was followed by interesting games, discussion and presentation on improving quality education in preschool. They were updated with new information too. [...]

Getting Discipline Right

John and Penny are back in Nepal as volunteers and have again conducted a principal seminar for ECEC. The Nepali word that is used for discipline is often used as a synonym for punishment. In school you have good and bad children and the last category you have to keep in line with harsh [...]
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Making The Most of Your School

Another big event today: a seminar for school principals organized by ECEC. Not in our own building, but in a hotel.”Making the most of your school”, was the slogan of the whole day with items as ‘How to develop your team’, ‘promoting your school’ and ‘how to use the resources you have most [...]
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