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Primary refresher training at Tandrang, Gorkha

“This training has taught me more than I expected for. I learnt a lot from this training. It is very much important to understand the children’s interest to make our teaching more effective. Being a teacher we must try to create an open and fun filled environment in the class that helps a student [...]
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Primary Phase -3 training in Boach, Dolakha

“After the training, I am very much clear about how to make teaching learning fun in primary class. It seemed impossible before the training but now I am confident and convinced that songs, stories and P.E can be done in Primary level too. I regret that I was playing with the life of children. [...]
Samrakshika The Excelsior

I am happy

“I have already done other trainings in ECEC before and I am happy that I could take this Primary Training also where I learned more in detail in using different kinds of methods to teach students in Primary level. I got ideas for new games, rhymes & songs and different activities that will help [...]

Primary Level 1 Training

Teachers from different school including Excelsior and Gyanodaya came to participate in Primary Level training. They learned how to apply Active Learning Methodologies among children. Playway method can also be effective in Primary level teaching and the Thematic Approach can help children learn [...]

Further training

Trainees really enjoyed completing combined step 1 level 1  primary and pre-primary training successfully. The photos show them demonstrating story telling and playing imaginative play in small groups. They shared their experiences and were ready to implement the knowledge and skills they learned [...]
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