Phonics 2

Learning Sounds of different alphabets seems not necessary but, after taking the Phonics training it is surprising that we wouldn’t have realized the perfect utterance of them. [...]

Phonics Workshop

Teachers taking training of Phonics I where they learn the correct sound of English letters. Learning phonics through play, song, action… [...]

Phonics for 1 Year Students

Here Andrea is active with teaching the Jolly Phonics in a very practical way to the students of the ECEC 1 year course. [...]

Jolly Phonics

ECEC is very blessed with a visit of Adrea, a certified Jolly Phonics trainer. She is active on 2 levels: with ECEC teacher trainers and with the students of the ECEC 1 year course. [...]

Fun with Phonics

Sudhesha high school has teachers who understand the joy of using phonics. Here are four teachers that showed after the training to use different shapes with their hands. They showed that for every letter they have learned a sign. After 18 hours training they can practice this from tomorrow in [...]
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