Outside Valley Training


She is very proud

Ms. Bina Tamang from Kiranchowk- Maduwa is a teacher in Shree Rithha Bote Primary school. She has 18 children in her class. She is very proud of her doll that she has made during the training. “I know how to make a lesson plan which will help in making my teaching more effective”

Alphabets and numbers

Ms Amrita Karki khani Khola is from Shree Jwala Mukhi Primary School she has 21 children. “I am going to focus not only on cognitive development, like teaching alphabets and numbers but I will focus on all four areas of development: Social, Mental, Emotional and Physical development which is very [...]
Lila Pudasaini

It is very important for children to plan

Ms Lila Pudasaini from Kiranchowk. Her school name is called Shree Bhumishowri Primary School and she has 10 children. “I can explain to parents that I will let the children play as much as they want because I have realized from this training that it is very important for children to play”

I will love children more

Ms. Januka Adhikari from Baireni (Dhading district). She is Pre Primary teacher in Sree Kalika Primary School and she has 20 children. “I had no idea about the 5 love languages and was very touched when Sabita Mam was teaching us about it. I will love children more and I will hold them [...]

No exams anymore

Ms. Chandrawatti Gurung from Thakre (Dhading district) She is an ECD teacher in Jana Kalyan Primary School and has 11 children in her class. “I am going to organize monthly Parents meetings because after learning about how to involve parents I got more ideas how to have more contact with them. I [...]
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