Outside Valley Training

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Lesson plan with specific objectives..

“I have been involving myself in teaching since  few years and also had the idea of making lesson plan. But after taking lesson plan session during this course, I realized that I was not much specific with the objectives and activities. I only focused cognitive development of the children.  Now I [...]
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Step 1 Level 1 in Bishwo Adarsha School, Itahari

“Though I am a teacher of Pre-primary level I had very less idea of dealing with young children. These five days training has given me new knowledge and  ideas to run the class in a very interesting and easy way. I found ‘Circle Time’ is very much important for the students that helps each and [...]
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Primary refresher training at Tandrang, Gorkha

“This training has taught me more than I expected for. I learnt a lot from this training. It is very much important to understand the children’s interest to make our teaching more effective. Being a teacher we must try to create an open and fun filled environment in the class that helps a student [...]
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Step 1 First phase training in Pokhara

” Step 1 training has changed my attitudes towards the children. Nowadays when students do some mistakes or mischievous rather than giving punishment I counsel them in right way which really works.  I am trying to understand the baseline situation of my students and teach according to that and it [...]
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I regret

“Before ECEC training, I used to react very strictly and the students were not able to express their feelings and plan was not done before and less activities. The textbooks were more emphasized but now  to do those all things and came to know that play way methods with various activities can [...]
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