Leadership Training


Thank you

“I would like to thank ECEC for organizing this kind of training at the beginning of the New Year. It will be a good start to take the training and implement it in a new way.” Chandra B. Gurung


“One of my achievements out of many from this Leadership course is that I have learnt to make goals “SMART”. I have been wonder how to plan something that I want to be implemented in my school among my staff but, didn’t have the clue to make it happen. I would like to thank Josien Los (Acting MD, [...]

Motivate my staff

“I found out myself to be in the ‘D’ Category according to the DISC test which is true, and I am sure that it will help me get along with my staff from now on. Before this Leadership course, I didn’t know about the differences that we have from person to person and as a result, I often got [...]
Mahesh Kumar Bhattarai

Filled myself

“I am a Bible School Principal Since 2006, as well as a church leader and a youth leader too. I had attended many other leadership training. After 3 years, I had the opportunity to participate in one of the ECEC trainings which gave me many ideas to work effectively in team. When I and my fellow [...]
Vinita Sharma

Habit of forgetting

“It’s true that we already knew most of the contents and terms used in this Leadership course but never take time to implement them. We have the habit of forgetting things and not applying what we have learned. I would like to thank ECEC for bringing out this course that deepens our knowledge in [...]
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