Final ICDP Workshop

Third/Final ICDP Workshop was held in ECEC from 9 to 11, February 2015. Seventeen participants from various organizations finished the series of three workshops. Two ICDP international trainers facilitated the workshops. Final workshop was about sharing experiences as a ICDP facilitator, presenting [...]

ICDP Workshop 2

ICDP Workshop 2 was held in ECEC from 7th to 9th of Oct 2014. Seventeen would-be ICDP facilitators were trained by ICDP trainers from Norway.  ICDP Workshop 2 was mostly about how ICDP has affected our personal and professional lives and describing most important qualities of good interaction [...]

Beautiful “Baby” at ECEC

Our student Anu and three other friends were very creative while they were playing during imaginative play class. While the ECEC trainer was teaching they said to her: Have a look, baby ayoo! (the baby came) We all laughed a lot and the friends in Anu’s group made her look like a mother who just [...]

ICDP Launched in Nepal

After much preparation, on 2 June 2014, the International Children Development Programme ICDP) was launched in Nepal at Early Childhood Education Centre (ECEC) with the support of Himal Partner (HP). The ICDP international trainers, Helen Johnsen Christie and Elsa Doehlie came from Norway to [...]
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