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Closing Workshop ICDP Facilitator Training!

ICDP Training of Facilitator 3rd workshop completed with a huge success. The group of Facilitators conducted 8 weeks of Parents and Caregivers’ workshop in different places. After completing their workshop they shared their experience, challenges, achievements in 3rd facilitator’s workshop. They [...]

Meeting with Mrs.Nicolette Armstrong,president of ICDP International.

We at ECEC are excited to host Mrs. Nicolette Armstrong, one of the founders and current president of ICDP International. Proud to be able to present her with a set of the Nepali ICDP material. [Show slideshow] [...]
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First ICDP facilitator workshop

First ICDP facilitator workshop has been successfully conducted by the under training trainers Ms. Doji Pradhan, Ms. Nikish Neupane and Joshua Limbu. It is one of the workshops in a series of three workshops. It took place from Nov 30-Dec 2 at ECEC. There were 16 participants from different [...]
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Together we learn to understand children!

ICDP, an effective international parenting programme for guardians has began its 2nd phase! In the second phase the professors from Norway came to conduct a TOT (Training of Trainers. They selected from the certified ICDP facilitators people who would be able to train more facilitators.   Part of [...]
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Busy days are here !

The second workshop for ICDP trainers has finished. The Norwegian ICDP trainers have gone home. The ICDP trainers-to-be have to work on their assignments: writing a paper about the psychological models and theories the ICDP program is built on writing a paper answering  15 theoretical questions [...]
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