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ICDP refresher meeting

The very first facilitators for the ICDP programme were trained at ECEC in 2014 – 2015 and 2015 – 2016 respectively. This is quite a while ago. Time for a get-to-gather! For ECEC to hear about the caregivers training they have been doing and for the facilitators to hear about the latest [...]
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ICDP Caregivers Graduation !

“I am Shazia Senol, mother of two daughters. Before taking ICDP caregiver workshop, I had a mind of negativity regarding the behavior of my children but, now my perspective has totally changed into positivity. When we plant a sapling, its growth depends on the gardener care h How he/she nurtures it [...]
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Congratulations to all the ICDP Trainers and Facilitators of Nepal!

After a year of dedication and hard work finally we have 14 ICDP trainers and 86 facilitators in Nepal. They were graduated yesterday on 31st May.  ECEC was selected to introduce this international program in Nepal. All the trainers and facilitators went through different training and workshop, did [...]
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