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Consultation school’s workshop

Sudesha High School and Genuine Secondary Schools are our  consultation schools practicing especially on ‘Theme’. Teachers from both schools came together at the same time for the workshop. The objective of this workshop was giving them idea to make their teaching learning more effective and as [...]

GREAT success

Teacher Nilima, Sunita and Prity have done a GREAT job with our 2 consultants from ECEC. We are very thankful for the management of Rupy’s who have supported us through this process of change. They provided the right support. The classrooms have been changed and it looks bright, friendly and very [...]

A success school in Pokhara

Srijana school in Pokhara is one of the first schools that has done our full consultation packet. All the teachers in Pre primary section are trained for one month and we went for visits in between to get the best result. And the result is FANTASTIC. They have already many admissions for the next [...]
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