Community Healing Course


Words that heal and words that hurt

ECEC does Community Healing Courses (CHC courses) in the ECEC building for groups of teachers from different schools. But when a school has a whole group of teachers wanting to do the course, ECEC comes to the school to do the CHC course on location. Although the first earthquake is almost 3 months [...]


After having delivered emergency relief to partners in Solukumbu, ECEC was eager for the teachers and parents there to benefit from the Community Healing Course as well. ECEC trainer Nanda (who has been in Solu many times) went and Shanti accompanied him. Getting there and back again was quite a [...]

Community Healing Course

Please click on the link below to see the brochure of the Community Healing Course at ECEC.   ECEC CHC    

2nd CHC

The 2nd session of the Community Healing Course has started for the regular 1 year course students. This 9 hours course is conducted in 3 days, 3 hours each day. The first day focuses on how to deal with our own emotions that includes discussing and expressing own emotions as of adults around the [...]

Community Healing Course

Thirty one teachers eagerly started their training on community healing. The first day began with personal healing time. We shared our experiences by talking and through creative expression. In the photos you can see how creative we were. It was a day filled with tears, laughter and healing for [...]
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