Community Healing Course


Deal and Heal

The 2 days Community Healing course was very effective. There were altogether 26 participants which included coordinators and the in-charges from different schools. Most of them are the teachers from pre-primary and primary level. They were very attentive, interactive taking active participation in [...]

Interest in working

he Principal of Riviera School Mr. Prajwol Koirala showed his interest in working with ECEC to equip teachers. Nitu Regmi, one of the participants said “Songs, dance and emotions shared to one another during the training relieved me from the earthquake trauma which had been visible in me getting [...]

CHC Dhading

“Even after three months since the massive earthquake in Nepal, people are still scared and in need of physical as well as emotional support. Hence, ECEC tried to reach out to the people in Dhading with our ‘Community Healing Course’. A total of seven sessions were conducted in different churches [...]

CHC August 2015

ECEC does Community Healing Courses (CHC courses) in the ECEC building for groups of teachers from different schools.Not talking about what happened will not help children, on the contrary. Not talking because the teacher does not know what to say does not have to be the reason: in the ECEC [...]

Life after earthquake

It is true but sorrowful situation of Nepal .. That is why it is so important that teachers and parents get guidance/ideas/tools in how to help the children process their fears! The ECEC Community Healing Course helps teachers and parents to understand what is going on and how to help the children [...]
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