1 Year Course


Making Story Telling more interesting and fun

Story telling is one of the interesting topics of the 1 Year Course. There are many techniques to tell a story. Different props can also be used such as Muppet & Puppet, story books, flash cards, stick muppets, flannel boards, etc. The creative ideas and activities make the story telling more fun [...]

New 1 Year Students

Warm Welcome to all the new faces of 1 year course for 2016. They all are ready to go deeper to bring changes in education in our society and country. Principals,Coordinators, teachers and students from different places have enrolled this year. They all are very much excited to learn more and more [...]

Graduation Time again…

28 Students graduated from ECEC last Friday 11th March 2016. The 1 Year course batch of 2015 celebrated their graduation at Siddartha Cottage, Dhobighat. ECEC congratulates all the graduates for their success in bringing out new developments in the lives of children in Nepal. [...]

Intense pressure

Intense pressure on the 1 Year Course students for they had to bring in the whole year lessons into their memory to answer the questions in limited time. The silence was maintained as all of them were busy in filling the answer sheets. Good luck to all the students. [...]

Their Level

“1 year course has given me a great confidence to teach young children and understand them from their level”. Manbahadur Rai Student, 1 Year Course 2015 Batch [...]
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