1 Year Course

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1 Year Course info session 2 Dec 2016

The 1 Year Course info session was held on 2 December 2016. Participants who were waiting for enrollment attended the session where the ex – students from previous batch shared their testimonies and ECEC trainers explained about the objectives and details of the course. [Show [...]
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Feel proud and pay respect to our culture

Cultural values are very much important for every individual. One must feel proud of his/her own culture but at the same time should know to respect other’s culture too.Students got to learn about the ‘Diversity’ in their class. They learned the idea of teaching about different culture around our [...]
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Fantastic drama

Students from 1 Year Course presented drama in their class. The topic was ‘Types of Abuse’. They showed drama on Physical abuse,Sex abuse,Emotional abuse in different groups. The drama was full of fun,emotion,laughter. All the groups could deliver important message through their drama. All the [...]
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Result distribution in 1 Year Course

Students have completed their first semesters in 1 Year Course. They all did their exam very well and on last Wednesday i.e. 20 July they received their result. All of them were happy to see the feedback from teachers and are encouraged to do better in coming semesters. . [...]
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Expressive Arts ( Using recycle material for art and craft)

Trainer Sharonah shared different ideas of expressive arts in 1 Year Course. It is the continuation of Visual arts and other art and craft that the students learnt in last semester. In this class students learnt the ideas of art and craft by using recycle material like egg caret, plastic glass, [...]
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