1 Year Course


Final Exams – 1 year course

The second batch of the one year course for pre primary teachers at ECEC is in its closing phase: today was the final exam. All training halls were occupied so the office space of the teacher trainers was used for the exams.
Special Initiative

Special Initiative

It is the last week of the second batch of students who have done the 1 year course at ECEC. During the year they have worked together very well and they have experienced first hand how as a group it is possible to support one another’s learning process and professional development. They do not [...]


The 1 year course for preschool teachers, which ECEC is running for the first time this year, is the result of a cooperation between ECEC, NLA (a University College in Norway) and KU (Kathmandu University). At the moment 2 representatives of NLA are at ECEC for two weeks. This is a excellent [...]

Music therapy by a Doctor

An Australian Doctor and early childhood expert Verina came to ECEC to conduct music therapy workshop of 2 hours. One year students, about 30 teachers and preschool coordinators from different preschools from the Kathmandu valley attended the seminar, with our teacher trainers and one year training [...]
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