1 Year Course

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Shadow Play

Shadow play is one of the most interesting techniques of story telling. Students in 1 Year Course have gone through the shadow play class and they further practiced in their own school . During the time of shadow play students got chance to know each other very well;they all had a very good time to [...]
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Warm welcome to 1 Year Course students 2017- 2018

A very warm welcome to our new students of 1 Year Course 2017- 2018 Batch. We are glad to see their enthusiasm and vision  to bring changes in education of Nepal. Altogether 68 students have enrolled till date and still some are on their way. Principals, Coordinators, Class teachers, Parents  and [...]
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Get together with 1 Year Course Alumni

1 year Course ex- students had alumni programme on 17th February. Students from all the batches came to attend the programme. The programme was followed by different activities… Ms. Amber Hohensee, Inclusive Education expert from USA shared ideas of Inclusive Education..likewise Ms. Birangana [...]
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Silent Please! Exam is going on.

Time flies very fast. 1 Year course students have completed their course and they have attempted their first day of exam. Whole year they went through practical exercises and in the final exam they are asked to write answers on the paper. Many of them are excited and quite nervous too. We wish them [...]
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Clay Art and Puppetry Class

Students from 1 Year Course enjoyed the clay art and puppetry class. Clay art is the continuation of expressive art. With clay they worked on different themes like food, wild animals, fruits etc. They also enjoyed the puppet making class. Puppets are the most lovable materials for children. They [...]
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