During the exams in the afternoons the teachers from Class 3 to 6 came to ECEC for training. We had already started 4 years back with the teachers at GEMS Sanepa block and it is running well. The children from there have moved to Class 4 that have received Child Friendly Play way methodology teaching. The team in Dhapakel were motivated to make a change in Education. To make it more active instead of passive learning they got many new ideas. All teachers were every day in time which was such a pleasant way to start the training with lots of fun and laughter during circle time.

A few reactions
Anit Pandey mentioned: “I will change my style of teaching by applying different strategies like circle time, more songs, small group teaching and integrated teaching). I was impressed with the class about developing Moral values within our students and I will improve in a positive way to develop this in my own class and our school.
Shova: “I will change my style of teaching to include circle time in my teaching. I have learned keeping a good relationship to get attached to my students
Ina: “It is very important as we can develop our children in a holistic way, learning joyful and they are prepared for life sills. Learning can be more effective if it is skilled based.
Kalpana: “Keeping teacher-student good relationship we can teach them skills rather than just knowledge. Also practical teaching is useful for primary students.
On behalf of GEMS management v. l. t. r. Pramod Sir, Anil Sir, Pujan Mam, Shelly Mam and Mamta Mam came to our closing ceremony of our first phase of the training. As you see it was for the teachers and for them a joy to see the change that has started in the teachers hearts and we as ECEC have a hope that implementation will happen quickly.