“I am Shazia Senol, mother of two daughters. Before taking ICDP caregiver workshop, I had a mind of negativity regarding the behavior of my children but, now my perspective has totally changed into positivity. When we plant a sapling, its growth depends on the gardener care h How he/she nurtures it in a proper way. We do not blame the plant, if it doesn’t grow healthy. Likewise, positive children’s rearing ┬ádepends on parents or caregivers how they nurture them but many times we blame children. ICDP has changed this concept from my mind. My relationship with one of my daughters was not that close but when ICDP training came into my life, I have a beautiful bonding with her. I think every parent should go through the ICDP training to have a better relationship with their children.”

Mrs. Shazia Senol, School Co-ordinator

Indreni Bal Batika School, Baluwatar