First ICDP facilitator workshop has been successfully conducted by the under training trainers Ms. Doji Pradhan, Ms. Nikish Neupane and Joshua Limbu. It is one of the workshops in a series of three workshops. It took place from Nov 30-Dec 2 at ECEC. There were 16 participants from different organizations and church communities such as ECTC, Deen Mitra Nepal, RTN church, etc. 14 of them were female and 2 were male.

The first ICDP facilitator workshop was about ICDP program.

The following are some of the main topics covered during the workshop through sensitization method:

  • Conception of the child
  • Emotional Dialogue
  • Meaning Creating Dialogue
  • Regulative Dialogue

Trainers trained the participants using various ways such as role plays, group discussions, lecture, picture reading. More importantly, the trainers shared from their own life experiences with their children and work places. The participants enjoyed learning. They were open and interactive.

Upcoming Plans

  • The participants will submit their assignments which is to take a film in which they apply ICDP principles and bring it to the next workshop
  • The second workshop is scheduled to be held from Jan 3 to 5, 2017.