ECEC celebrated yet another Graduation Ceremony of the 1 Year Accredited Course on 25th February 2015. All 36 students of 2014 batch were about to begin their career with new perspective that they learnt from ECEC since early March 2014.

Most of the graduates realised that they have found themselves changed in their behavior after getting involved with the course. Throughout the year, they learnt so many things that touched their hearts and made them more aware of ECD and committed to work for the betterment of early childhood education in Nepal. It was a real challenge to some of them to be able to present themselves for the course with other responsibilities in their lives as mothers, teachers, daughter-in-laws and housewives. Whatever the challenges, they overcame them with profound determination overseeing the benefits they were to realise of the course.

ECEC congratulates all the graduates for their journeys ahead as ECD experts to bringout changes in the lives of children of the New Nepal.