11 Jan

Follow up / Monitoring of ECD Centers in Dhading.

Follow up/monitoring of ECDE-Project of EHN was done on 13 to 16 December 2018. Mr. Prabin Tamang; field officer of EHN and Mr. Hira Man Tamang; ECEC teacher trainer were involved in this monitoring. Five ECD centers were followed up/monitored. Teachers are doing so well after the trainings. They are conducting Circle Time, Storytelling, Songs, P.E. games, Art and Craft etc. Some of them are doing even theme based teaching in their own initiative. Parents are happy to send their children in ECD centers. The children are also happy to come, play, learn and grow. Teachers' class was observed and they were encouraged and given constructive feedback. Principal's talk was done. Principals were consulted for the betterment of ECD Centers and School. Parents were met and talked with them about their children.

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