8 Jan

Refresher training at National Bethel Academy, Trisuli

"This is my first training after joining National Bethel Academy. It has been just two months here in NBA working as a teacher in Nursery. I had already taken other training before but I found this training more helpful and effective. I was in dilemma about how to plan and guide my children in different activities. After the training, I have got ideas about different teaching learning activities. I also came to learn about child development and behaviors of children. Before the training I had many questions related to the behaviors of children. I used to ask myself why they don’t listen to me ?, why they are talkative? and how to manage them in those kind of situations. After taking the class of positive guidance, I found myself thinking in a wrong way and the training made me to realize how my behaviors are also affecting my students. Now i have understood them and their behavior and I am able to help them in a positive way and support in their learning. I found all the sessions so practical. Every day after reaching home, I do share my learning with my parents. I am so proud to take this training. Thank you ECEC."

Radhika Thapa Magar

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